Travel Agency in the Street Versus Travel Agency by Online

In the past, it absolutely was characteristic to run up the road to the factor within the middle of the central city district and check with a representative regarding your vacation plans. This, however, modified drastically with the arrival of the web and on-line travel agents. Your vacation search currently involves some mouse clicks instead of a visit downtown. but despite several main street travel agents being over excited during this flood, several still stay and still thrive.

Pricing is one area in which the online travel agents hit the high street agencies below the belt. High street travel agents have to contend with tremendous overheads such as hiring sales representatives, customer care representatives, traditional advertising, and so on. On the other hand, online travel agents can easily operate on a skeleton staff and outsource most of their technical services. This definitely puts the high street travel agents on the back foot.

Accessibility also puts the online travel agents at a greater advantage due to the non-geographical nature of their business. They can literally operate from anywhere and serve clients from anywhere in the world. High street travel agents on the other hand have to grapple with real estate matters. Placing their travel agency at the right place may prove worth the effort but they are still woefully behind their online counterparts in terms of ease of accessibility and market reach.

This is where the high street travel agents make a comeback. Performing a holiday search sometimes involves a lot of introspection and interrogation of various holiday destinations. Having a face-to-face discussion with the travel agent makes it easier to weigh your options and the cup of coffee and warm smile don’t hurt either. This is impossible to say of online travel agents. As you do your research, all you find is an indifferent computer screen that is not the best conversation partner in the world.

Rarely will someone mistrust a tried and tested high street travel agent who has a permanent office address and has been there for the past so many years. However, for the online travel agent, it sometimes takes quite a bit of mettle to key in credit card details into a faceless computer screen. This however, is a draw between the two because most legitimate online travel agents today have ‘https’ addresses which are secure, together with a host of other verification and authenticity accreditations.