What to Do With Your Partner in Brussels


Traveling with your partner is always a romantic thing to do. You find the coziest spots, whisper words of sweet love in each other’s ears and enjoy some sweet time together. However, each activity is different in its own way; some are good for couples while others are good for a group of friends that go there to get drunk and have some fun. If you’re in Brussels with your significant other and feel like you’re close to popping the question, here’s what you can do to ‘prepare the grounds.’

  1. Go for a “small” plate

You know how couples go out on fancy dinners, order a plate with a fancy dish and each eats from their own plate? Well, our suggestion would be to do something else: go to a tapas bar and order a plate of food that you can both share. That way, the atmosphere will be more intimate, simply because you are both interacting with the same plate… which makes it even more romantic.

  1. Go to a concert

Brussels is a big city and is, therefore, full of great musicians of all kinds. The atmosphere of a concert is always very fun for couples – especially if it’s crowded and you have to “hold on tight to avoid separation.” Regardless if you know the artists or not, you’ll still have a great time together and it will beat a movie night in.

  1. Go on a brewery tour

While it may seem a touristy thing to do, you are, after all, also tourists. It’s not advisable to discard these options as well. Look at it this way: if you go to a brewery and enjoy a nice beer with your friends, you’ll definitely have lots of fun. That will only multiply if you go with your significant other. Plus, the pressure will be off, simply because you will not be the one in charge with the conversation.

  1. Go chocolate sampling

Nothing makes a date sweeter than chocolate does. And it’s even better if said chocolate is free. There’s a place in Brussels called the Grand Place where you can go sample chocolate from various shops for free. Not only will you spend an afternoon in chocolate heaven, you’ll also see a lot of pretty sights – because the Grand Place is as grand as it is beautiful.

  1. Take a walk in the park

Nothing brings a couple closer than a walk in the park does. And Brussels is full of such parks. You can either walk hand in hand or go for a more active bike/roller skating adventure.

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